This Spring 2020 you’re going to see many new faces as we welcome artists who are showing at Cottonwood Art Festival for the very first time. Many are loading up their exquisite designs and driving thousands of miles to spend only a few days in Richardson. Their booths will exhibit pieces that are vibrant, provocative, utilitarian, scintillating, poignant, and amusing.

We’re honored to be ranked one of the Top 10 Fine Art Shows in the country.  In an effort to maintain our award-winning standing, our juried show strives to infuse newfangled collections of the highest quality. Therefore, we proudly share a list of the artists we’ve invited to exhibit for the first time the weekend of May 2-3.


Evocative Texas roadside scenes, serving as doorways to memories. Acrylic paintings on custom birch panels. Candid moments observed and captured in Austin, Texas.


Fabricated sterling silver and luscious rubber combine to create this minimal contemporary interpretation of an “Edwardian Ruff.” A magnetic closure is designed to enhance the sculptural integrity of the piece.

TIM WELDON - San Francisco, CA

Materials include acrylic, oil paint, sand, paste, ephemera, found objects on canvas and wood. “The story of a dreamer in focus, the “little man” larger than life, a metamorphosis of sorts, the juxtaposition of color that lives in the fiesta, echoes of music ranging from a bordello virus spilling into the backstreets of our minds, an ethereal world groove laced with American roots and the raw tap-tap of the dancer…and the word.”

THOMAS NYE - Minneapolis, MN

Glass bowl hand-blown, made with zanfirico cane made by the artist using traditional Italian and Swedish techniques. Thomas started blowing glass in 2006, graduating with an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Fine Arts degree.  Then transferred to a University in St. Paul, MN and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Physics. Received the American Swedish Institute Award from the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition in 2016.

JON LEE - Lewis Center, OH

Cloisonné handcrafted in 2019 with 24k gold wire, enamels, set in 14k gold with precious stones.

JAMES COLE - Plainfield, IL

This wall of photos resides in the house of a resident living in Havana, Cuba.  Fine art giclee on fine art paper framed behind museum grade glass, white 8 ply mat, wood moulding.

SCOTT ZUZIAK - Lindenhurst, IL

Hand carved flowers, birds, and ocean life.  All original pieces hand carved from North American Basswood, better known as the Linden tree (a sacred tree that symbolizes love, friendship and peace). 


This 120 pound sculpture of green calcite stone has been shaped and polished using diamond saws and polishing pads. The bronze head, cape and base complete the sculpture. Both the stone and bronze are one of a kind and weigh 50, 100 and even up to 600 lbs. 

Mike studied three dimensional art of sculpting at UCLA and is a member of the Sonoran Art League. 


Ed’s work has appeared in numerous publications, and he has continually been named to Early American Life Magazine’s, Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen, as one of the best in his field. Every one of Ed’s carvings begins with a idea, sometimes drawn from old photos, vintage advertisements, or antiques.

EMILY RHODES - Charleston, SC

Emily was classically trained in Milan, Italy then went on to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Tasmania. There, her style was infused with the natural beauty and light-hearted ease of Australian culture. Emily is a multimedia artist specializing in the digital arts. 

Today, from her home in Charleston, SC, she creates pieces to invite whimsy, calm, and humor into our everyday lives. Her mediums include digital arts, collage, painting, and photography.