The scores for the Art Fair SourceBook™ 2019 rankings reveal that Cottonwood Art Festival is moving up in the Top 10 fine art and fine craft events in the country. The year-over comparison of the AFSB ranking for Cottonwood Art Festival are as follows:

2019 Fine Art Ranking  #7

2018 Fine Art Ranking #10

Bronze Artwork by Kimber Fiebiger

Fine art is defined by AFSB as two-dimensional work and sculpture while fine craft is three-dimensional crafts. The rankings are based on the average exhibitor sales of fine craft during 2018. Art Fair SourceBook™ is an independent online source that provides ratings for more than 600 shows as well as extensive feedback from thousands of exhibitors.

“Now in its 25th year of publication, Greg Lawler’s Art Fair SourceBook™ is frequently referred to as the “Bible of the Industry” and you won’t find a more thoroughly resarched, up-to-date source anywhere. The goal is to provide the ultimate guide to the best-selling juried art and craft shows nationwide.”

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 Fine Art events ranked by AFSB:

1. La Quinta Arts Festival

2. Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival

3. Ann Arbor’s South University Art Fair

4. MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival

5. Saint Louis Art Fair

6. Cherry Creek Arts Festival

7. Cottonwood Art Festival

8. Artisphere

9. Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park

10. Plaza Art Fair

Michael Vistia

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 Fine Craft events ranked by AFSB:

1. La Quinta Arts Festival

2. American Craft Show

3. MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival

4. Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival

5. Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

6. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

7. Saint Louis Art Fair

8. Cherry Creek Arts Festival

9. American Craft Exposition

10. Cottonwood Art Festival 

Cottonwood Art Festival began in 1969 and is proudly celebrating the 50th this year at the Spring show May 4-5 and the Fall show October 5-6, 2019. 

Admission to attend is free and includes live entertainment on two stages throughout the weekend. The semi-annual award-winning festival is held in Cottonwood Park in the City of Richardson. More information is available on the website: