2024 Spring Featured Artist

Gregory Story

Ceramicist Gregory Story grew up in South Texas, went to Texas Christian University to study psychology and then obtained a ceramics degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. He moved his studio, Modern Clay, from Fort Worth to Chicago about 14 years ago.

“Cottonwood puts together a well-run show that really supports its artists. It’s in a beautiful park. The audience that comes to the show are sophisticated and interested in individuality and unique perspectives. These folks aren’t also buying art at craft stores, they’re coming to Cottonwood for the real thing.”, states Story.

The signature smiley sculptures were created as a welcome back post-COVID but Story has recently added the colorful assortment of ballcaps in orange, blue, black, and red. “What interests me more are the collections that clients have been building over the years, adding new pieces and expanding their installations gradually. They bring me pictures and we work together. That’s what I really love about this work, the collaboration that develops organically.”

“I think my first Cottonwood Art Festival was in 2007, the first year I started doing art fairs full-time,” Story said. “Mostly I remember being scared and lost, and then having a bunch of artists come together to help and support me. Some of those artists are among my best friends to this day. Now it’s like a reunion of old friends, both artists and collectors.” Read on…

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