2022 Spring Featured Artist


van der Hart

I have always been interested in the meaning behind the message. Focusing upon Feminist art and art made by women, I studied the Artists that would challenge mainstream ideas of female identity and image. Artists such as Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger inspired the desire to raise awareness of identity and perception of the female role in our culture. The interest  of my work focused upon the media’s interpretation of our identity.

Presently the  use of the media is the main resource for my imagery. By collaging images taken from classic films, vintage magazines and found old photos, I use nostalgia as a form of redefining our modern identity.  I draw the viewer into a space that relates a story about modern day struggle. The themes of self Empowerment,  balance of work and family in the Home Sweet Home series, and the desire to just run away in the Escape  imagery combine to show the narrative of how men and women cope with a world that has expectations of perfection.

This work is based upon recognition of the constraints and demands of our modern identity. Using self exploration and historical references, these works create a universal experience. Each image creates a cluster of thoughts, a memory or idea that takes us into another place. This place references the past, as though to take us out of the uncertain/unknown present and into romantic glory days that creates a nostalgic twinge. Stories develop by using found photos, vintage advertising, stills from classic films, music scores, and snippets of poetry. Narratives evolve as moments of images are placed together. Read more…