T-shirts, caps, visors and tank tops can be purchased all year in the online Cottonwood Art Festival Merchandise store. Festival items are generally available every Fall and Spring in the information booth and often sell out during the two-day shows that occur in May and October.  

One artist is selected as the Featured Artist for each show and they colloaborate with the festival to create marketing graphics.  The custom artwork is incorporated into the event brochures, posters, banners, and printed on all wearable items.  These have become treasured souvenirs for patrons who are fond of the chosen artists, or folks who simply enjoy attending the semi-annual festival.  

The most recent shirts are $20 but past show tank tops and shirts range from $5-10 each. There is an assortment of sizes, colors, and gender specific shirts but availability is limited to the limited inventory supply.  Distressed caps are $15 each and come in four colors:  dark grey, linen, navy and orange with the Cottonwood logo embroidered.  Traditional caps are also $15 in a choice of six colors:  hot pink, maroon, navy, linen, orange and pink.

The visors will keep the out of your eyes and help you keep cool while you walk around the park. The velcro strap makes it easy to adjust the size and these come in bright colors like aqua blue and safety yellow. 

Shipping is a flat rate $6.95 fee and an email notification provides a detailed confirmation of the order. The merchandise will update throughout the year as new items become available or will be removed once the inventory and all sizes are sold out. Contact cottonwood@cor.gov for information about the souvenir posters.  Thank you!