Michelle McDowell Smith

Michelle McDowell Smith is a Floridian and her current body of work is titled Of Land and Sky, Whimsical and Free. The work’s focus is centered in longstanding memories, fleeting ideas, and hope for the future. Since 2014 Michelle has shown this body of work at more than 80 juried art shows and festivals, and has won many accolades and awards.

Schooling instilled in Michelle the importance of using symbols and metaphors in her work to create emotion, depth, and meaning. She also became skilled in the use of a wide variety of materials and mixed media techniques. Michelle strives to create pieces that have a familiar narrative yet still convey a fresh look and allow for the unexpected. She uses acrylic paint, mixed media materials such as paper, hand made linoleum stamps, sewing patterns, maps, old letters, pages from books, and more.  Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

I Promise You by Toby Smith,
inspired by the art of Michelle McDowell Smith

When one heaven after another heaven
diminished and fell into the ocean
I burned candles and bundles of sage
I petitioned my long-passed grandmother
to slow clocks and pause calendars
while I parsed through every possible promise
of solace which I could give in good conscience
for time no longer seemed endless
and the testimonials which I had written to you
when I was so enchanted by the thousands
of blooming glacier buttercups
had perhaps been proven powerless
and without relevant premise

I want us to fly unfettered
to where we can walk unworried
along empty trails above frozen lakes
a towering winter sky welcoming us
with a freezing embrace
and through all of my shivers
I would promise you that I will always be
the butterfly willing to battle
through seventy layers of swirling
snowflakes flurrying and falling
in a late and unexpected spring blizzard

And when I reach you I will be bright,
colorful, forever believing
and I would cocoon again if you need
reemerging as a poem of strength and sheer will
able to swim to you through icy waters
in tireless fashion
with a love which won’t wane
or fade with time
even when heaven falls

The Wandering Poet by Michelle McDowell Smith
Michelle McDowell Smith Of Land and Sky
Michelle McDowell Smith