“Focusing on showing the landscape in a new and unconventional way, I want to show a twist on reality with nature abstracted.”



Contemporary impressionist Niki Gulley was classically trained for six years in all 2-D media. At an art school in Chicago she started with drawing from life and completed her studies with oil painting. Taking traditional lessons at SMU in Dallas, Gulley learned from the Old Masters and the Impressionist techniques. Her artwork incorporates a contemporary flare to bring a unique, modern feel.

Whether working in oils or acrylics, each painting may take days, weeks or months to create. Gulley builds up multiple layers to establish the luminosity and textural depth associated with her 3-dimensional expressionistic paintings. 

In addition to painting for 20 years full-time in her Dallas studio, Gulley and husband, Scott Williams, currently host painting and Art, Photography and Foodie Treks all over Europe.  In 2021, the Dallas Museum of Art invited Gulley to teach an en plein air painting workshop at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  The three hour workshop on November 6 focused on exploring impressionistic approaches to capturing the natural environment of Dallas in conjunction with the exhibition Van Gogh and the Olive Groves

“As you consider your personal relationship with nature, you’ll learn how to reflect elements of the outdoors like light and atmospheric conditions while honing your unique stylistic perspective through color and form.” – Impressions of Dallas, DMA  

I have a gallery displaying my new smaller paintings that I create on site from our travels throughout Europe and most recently, Iceland, Portugal and France. Full of spontaneity and emotion, I feel like these location paintings really capture the memories of being in those places.”

Grand Canyon Gerome Bonner
Yosemite National Park Gerome Bonner Fine Art Photography

Niki Gulley first participated at Cottonwood Art Festival in 2007 and has since returned to Richardson for Fall and Spring shows almost every year through 2019. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, or visit Niki Gulley to browse an online store and gallery of artwork. 

Cottonwood Art Festival accepts applications for the Spring and Fall opens and closes twice a year. Local bands are invited to submit an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for consideration to play at the festival by contacting cottonwood@cor.gov.

Niki Gulley Art Artist

Niki Gulley