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“I was an oil painter in college at North Texas. I would make numerous trips to the hardware store. As I was walking towards lumber, the paint section would always grab my attention. The purposeful organization of color was intriguing to me.”

Jennifer Lashbrook Artist Dallas


Jennifer Lashbrook
Jennifer Lashbrook
Jennifer Lashbrook

Jennifer Lashbrook, a Dallas local artist transforms her passion for color into extraordinary pixelated masterpieces.  Her medium is cut up paint swatches and the arranges them in collage style to create colorful pixelated images.  Lashbrook’s subjects have been cityscapes, landscapes, portraits from the music and entertainment industry, and reproductions of iconic artworks. The purposeful results are mesmerizing to view.

Lashbrook starts with gathering the paint samples from local hardware stores, designers and architects.  She then chooses her subject and meticulously studies the details of the values and hues of her reference piece. Lashbrook admits that she enjoys every step of the journey and that her method can be a meditative process.  Arranging the ‘pixels’ into the exact desired shape down to the details is where her artistic ingenuity is revealed.

Standing close to her artwork the images seem blurred.  When viewing from a distance or through a cell phone the images appear photorealistic and detailed. The phone works as a filter.  The concept of Gestalt psychology is the reasoning for the shift in perception.

The school of thought is that, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” as famously stated by Aristotle.

In essence, when single parts are joined together to create one whole entity, they are more valuable than if left as individual parts.

Nationally, Lashbrook’s original artwork has appeared on Fox’s Empire, Netflix Original BEATS, Forbes Contemporary Artists list, HGTV’s House Hunter International and Dallas Style & Design.

Art patrons flock to Lashbrook’s booth at prestigious shows such as Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, Deep Ellum Art Festival in Dallas, Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, Fiesta Art Fair in San Antonio.  Also, her artwork is on display at Ginger Fox Gallery in Dallas, JCO’s Art Haus in Los Gatos, California and Anna Sweet Gallery in Key West, Florida.

Follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or contact direct for commissions and inquiries about artwork at or (214) 478-3324.

Cottonwood Art Festival accepts applications for the Spring and Fall opens and closes twice a year. Local bands are invited to submit an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for consideration to play at the festival by contacting

Jennifer Lashbrook
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Jennifer Lashbrook