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Cottonwood Art Festival
Tim Weldon Cottonwood Art Festival


Scott Williams is supposed to be back in Iceland right now teaching an art group, but the photographer couldn’t travel due to the Coronavirus.  This is one of his phenomenal images of “Waterfall of the Gods” taken in Godafoss, Iceland. It is 34 x 50 and a photograph on metal.  The water of the river Skjálfandafljót falls from a height of 12 meters over a width of 30 meters. An old Icelandic legend tells the tale of the waterfall’s name through a Viking leader named Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði.  

Yoram Gal Cottonwood Art Festival


As part of the Israeli revolution happening right now Yoram Gal painted this piece called “Jerusalem Stary Night,” that is an acrylic on canvas 40″ x 28.”   The three signs say:   Power, Money, and Honour.  A local print shop in Israel made stickers and posters of it for free, as their contribution to the revolution for protesters fighting for justice, truth, and love. 

Creating in clay is a passion of Artful Ceramics and these are new creations of a fox family. Each are hand sculpted free form and one of a kind. They are fired in a walk in gas kiln to 2300 degrees F which makes them water tight and can withstand all the different weather elements:  rain, snow, sun etc without deteriorating or fading.
Fennec Fox   14.5″h x 11.”w x 11″d  $595 
Small Red Fox  15″h x 9″w x 13″d $650 
Large Red Fox  21″H x 14″w x 18″d $1295 
Rita Kirkman Cottonwood Art Festival


Pastel, 10″ x 22″ by Rita Kirkman 
“I just love how white wooly sheep look in late sunlight. This is my 4th or 5th medium/large sheep painting, all from the same “photo shoot” of a beautiful herd that I discovered on the way home from somewhere a few years ago. It was abut 5 o’clock and the light was fantastic, and the sheep were a wonderful mix of young and old, shorn and thickly unshorn. I must have taken over a hundred photos as they milled about.  Sometimes I’ll use various photos for my compositions, but these two happened to be standing next to each other just like this when I snapped the photo. I loved the contrast of shapes and the challenge of using an even number of subjects in a composition.”