For the mini-Monet’s, ArtStop is the festival's colorful, interactive children's area. Staffed by more than 100 volunteers, ArtStop creates a hands-on world of art with life-size paint brushes and dozens of activities irresistible to any child. Let your imagination run free as you decorate your own Cottonwood Crazy Cool Cap, throw mud on a pottery wheel guided by ArtStop's own master potters, or be an artist for a day at a Canvas Classic easel.

Other ArtStop activities for young children include Chalk Board Easels, Chisel Away (chip and sculpt on a large blocks of plaster) and Magnetic Masterpieces (create a picture by adding objects to large magnetic boards).

Activity Stations:

  • Crazy Cool Caps – Kids can create their own colorful, over-the-top hat using ribbons, glitter, feathers, pompoms, foam shapes and more.
  • Throwin’ Mud – It’s OK for children to play in the mud at this activity station guided by ArtStop’s own master potters as kids learn to throw a pot or form a vase on an electric potter's wheel.
  • Canvas Classics – Kids are welcome to paint on a real canvas propped on an easel and guided by a volunteer.
  • Clay Play – A new activity will teach children how to form polymer clay into colorful “straws” that they will cut and roll into beads and other shapes that they can string into a necklace, keychain or whatever else they can imagine.
  • Crafty Corner – Check out the newest addition to our ArtStop area. Brought to life by the Community Events intern program, the Crafty Corner changes activity each season. Sure to be a family favorite, stop by for a fun, interactive crafting experience.
  • Wee Weavers – For the third year in a row, ArtStop will include tutorials on yarn art. With fallen twigs gathered from the park, kids will build a base to create their own unique weaving from colorful yarns and strings. Children can add a feather or a few beads to personalize their creations. Donations of leftover yarn were collected from City employees to create this upcycled art project.
  • Rollin’ and Recyclin’ – The “Green Team” is back with more ideas and ways kids and families can recycle or be creative with the stuff we use to throw in the trash and their “Art from the Park” activity is free.